AUWA Department of Chaplaincy

The Adventist University of West Africa. Spiritual Life and Missions seeks to create an environment where Christian principles are encouraged and practiced.

The Department emphasizes Seventh-day Adventist Christian values that govern the behavior of staff and students at Adventist University of West Africa.

The Department of Spiritual Life and Missions houses the University‘s Church, campus and community outreach ministries. 

The university chaplain shall supervise the chaplaincy activities by providing specialized spiritual enhancement services to the university academic/non-academic staff and students at large.

c. the university chaplain shall further be responsible for visitation and counseling services for staff and students on and out campus. Clarification and explanation of our mission statement  Adventist University of West Africa (AUWA) fall under the West African Union Mission which covers Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The University operates in Liberia and serves students from all the constituent countries and beyond. The university currently runs undergraduate programs. The key constructs that describe our mission are clarified and explained as follows:

A. Spiritual development – At AUWA we promote spiritual development which focuses on nurturing faith, Christian lifestyle, and values through informal or formal Adventist philosophy of education.

B. Intellectual development- we promote growth and experience in the capacities for thinking, reasoning, relating, judging, and conceptualizing. This is done through the integration of faith, learning, and life.

C. Physical development- we promote the development of control over the body through healthy lifestyles that involves diet, exercise, and maintenance of the physical entities; the body and the environment.

D. Social development- we promote the affirmation of the right of every person, to cultivate a happy and stable environment, and to advocate for freedom and support to be the best that God intended.

E. People- At AUWA people include the students, faculty, staff, and others that interact with our university community.


F. Peaceful co-existence- we foster and build the capacity for people to live together in peace and avoid all tendencies for hostility and competition while aiming for excellence. We build the capacity to adopt Christian approaches to harmonious relationships.

G. Knowledge advancement- We create conducive learning environment by promoting scholarship, research, dynamic teaching skills that trends with current societal needs. We encourage development of teachers and staff to be equipped for the mission.

H. Exemplary leadership- we empower people to become leaders by equipping them through agencies that make them strong, capable, and committed to work. We encourage the development of people 's talents and leadership abilities (1 Peter 5:3).

I. Service to God and humanity- we develop the capacity to be readily available for service. We engage in fostering selfless service to God and also to humanity. Implementation of Spiritual Activities plan on Campus The implementation of the spiritual master plan is strategically organized into the following
implementation plan