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Adventist University of West Africa

Advent Hill, Schiefflin Township

Lower Margibi County, Republic of Liberia

Columbia Union Conference College of Health Sciences

Adventist University of West Africa

Advent Hill, Schiefflin Township

Lower Margibi County, Republic of Liberia



Updates to the Columbia Union Conference College of Health Sciences


Our Mission

To provide high quality, broad-based nursing education that is based on Christian values. The program will prepare men and women to become dedicated and committed nursing professionals who are ready to advocate for the principles of preventive health care. They will be equipped with clinical skills and research capabilities that will make a difference. Emphasis will be placed on client-centred nursing care practice, and holistic approach to learning in the context that integrates faith and learning. Graduates of the college will meet international standard and expectations; they will be able to face the challenges of the modern world of nursing. Our graduates are intended to also fit in and meet the present need of the Liberian health care system. So, the BScN Bachelor of Science in Nursing program will avail the students of knowledge and skills to qualify as licensed nurses.



Congruent to the challenges of a new millennium and the complex nature of our society, the college of nursing is committed to providing students with a broad-based professional education that is relevant and functional, and reflecting a Christian orientation. The graduates will be competent professionals with a well-structured and all-round education. The uniqueness of the Adventist University of West Africa is found in the pursuance of Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education that emphasizes the harmonious development of academic, physical, psycho-social, and spiritual potentials of students. The college believes that as it seeks to develop high professional competence in the students, there is also the desire to integrate moral values in harmony with a conviction of what Christian education should be, and to imbibe the appropriate meaning of dignity, value and self-worth of all mankind.


These are to:

  1. Provide students with relevant, functional and broad-based professional education that reflects a Christian orientation and to also foster an educational environment that will integrate Christian values.

  2. Prepare nursing students who will demonstrate effective leadership and management skills in diverse nursing practice situations.

  3. Produce nursing graduates with an orientation for preventive healthcare in harmony with the universal philosophy of the World Health Organization (WHO) who can adapt teaching/learning strategies to meet the specific health needs of individuals, groups and communities.

  4. Prepare students who can analyse knowledge from the arts, sciences and humanities in the development of professional skills and the use of nursing theories in making nursing practice decisions.

  5. Provide students with skills and principles of consumer advocacy, accountability and responsibility, taking into account pertinent ethical and legal implications in accord with the current standards of professional nursing practice.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission into the nursing program must satisfy the minimum university requirements for admission to the degree program which includes acceptable pass at the university screening test. They must in addition have a minimum credit level passes at the WAEC or it equivalent in five subjects, at not more than two sittings, which include English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Transfer students from recognized institutions by the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery and the National Commission on Higher Education, seeking admission into the nursing program  must satisfy the minimum university requirements which include WAEC certificate with pass in five subjects, at not more than two sittings, as listed above and a placement test must be passed.

SEBOE Lendeh Euphemia MSc. (Nursing), MPH, RN                  

Dean of College


Mrs. Lendeh Seboe is a nurse educator and public health practitioner. She served the Nursing and Public health departments of AUWA since 2014 and has remained dedicated to her calling as an instructor and administrator. She coordinates the affairs of the Nursing and Public health departments as the dean and is currently working on her doctorate in Organizational Leadership with emphasis in Nursing education, Administration and Leadership. She is a devout Seventh-day Adventist Christian who seeks to lift the standards of education in a holistic manner thus preparing men and women for Christian service to the society. She is married and has a beautiful family.

Nursing Department

Nyumah, Kollie-Boffah, MSN, BSc. RN

Chair of Department

Mrs. Boffah K. Nyumah is a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Medical Surgical Nursing with emphasis in Adult Health. She worked as a professional nurse since 2014 and currently serves as the chairperson of the Nursing department. She coordinates nursing clinicals and faculty instruction thus preparing student nurses for nursing care practice in the Liberian society and the world at large.



Academic Staff: Nursing

Nyumah, Kollie-Boffah, MSN, BSc. RN            Instructor II

KOLLIE Erhuvwukorotu Siemuri  PhD. MSc. (Nursing) RN, RM   Professor

MASALINE Nancy  MPH, BSc.N, RN                  Instructor II Community Health Nursing

FREEMAN Diana E. MSc, BSc. Rn                      Instructor II Pediatric Nursing

MULBAH Fatu Sirleaf A. MSc. BSc. RN             Instructor II Mental Health Nursing

Nwaogwugwu, Margreth, MSc. Bsc. RN         Instructor II Maternal Child Health (Instructor II)

Sudieh, Kiazolu-Satta, MSc, BSC. RN              Instructor II

Ebenezer, Oluwabusola-Alaba, MSc (Anatomy & Physiology), BSc. Instructor II

Graybo, Sumo-Veronica, MPH, BSc, RN         Instructor II

Hayes, Sanghapu T., CMH, BSc, RN                Clinical Coordinator

Golay, Precious BSc. RN                                  Clinical Instructor

Wright, Loretta, BSc. RN                                 Clinical Instructor

Onyeukwu, Kingsley, BSc. RN                         Clinical Instructor

Davis, Maayealei, BSc. RN                              Clinical Instructor




Public Health Department

Sudieh, Kiazolu-Satta, MSc, BSC. RN

Chair of Department





















Satta-Kaizolu Sudieh is a Community/Public Health Nurse. She works as an instructor in the Columbia Union Conference College of Health Sciences and served as the Chair of the Public Health Department since 2017.  She teaches courses in the Nursing, Biology, and Public Health Departments. Satta is married and is a devout Seventh-day Adventist Christian. She coordinates all the affairs of the public health department including the supervision of instructors and students.


Academic Staff: Public Health

Sudieh, Kiazolu-Satta, MSc, BSC. RN                          Instructor II

Gono, Joseph Nyan, PhD, MPH, BSc, RN, LPN            Assoc Professor II

Graybo, Sumo-Veronica, MPH, BSC, RN                     Instructor II

DENNIS Martin L. PhD., (Org Mngt),                              Asst Professor I

SAYWON Rosetta G. MPH, BSc. RN                                Instructor II



Credit hour                    course code                                                              course title 

  1.  3                                BIOL 101                                                            General Biology

  2. 3                                      PHYS 105                           General Physics for Health Sciences

  3. 3                                  NRSG 104                                   Anatomy and Physiology I

  4. 3                                      NRSG 104                                              Basic Nutrition

  5. 3                                CHEM 104                                                   General Chemistry

  6. 4                                 NRSG 201                                            Fundamentals of Nursing I

  7. 2                            NRSG 203                                       Ethics and Professional Adjustment

  8. 3                          NRSG 205                                                          Anatomy & Physiology II

  9. 2                               NRSG 207                                                     Health Assessment

  10. 2                               PHIL 201                                                       Philosophy of Science

  11. 5                         NRSG 202                                                           Fundamentals of Nursing II

  12. 2                                NRSG 212                Psychosocial Care (Psychology and Sociology)

  13. 3                                 STAT 202                                           Bio Statistics

  14. 4                              NRSG 200      Clinical Nursing Practice I SDA Cooper/ELWA hospital

  15. 4                              NRSG 303                                   Obstetrics Maternity Nursing I

  16. 4                               NRSG 305                                  Medical-Surgical Nursing I

  17. 3                           NRSG 311                                     Tropical & Communicable Diseases

  18. 4                           NRSG 313                                       Pharmacology and Drug Calculation

  19. 1                           NRSG 315                                              Spiritual Nursing Care

  20. 3                            NRSG 317                                             Pediatric Nursing I

  21. 4                          NRSG 304                                             Obstetrics Maternity Nursing II

  22. 5                               NRSG 306                                          Medical-Surgical Nursing II

  23. 5       NRSG 308   Primary Health Care & Community Health Nursing: Serving Populations

  24. 3                    NRSG 310 Research Methodology (Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing)

  25. 3                              NRSG 318                           Pediatric Nursing II

  26. 4        NRSG 300    Clinical Nursing Practice II Mental Health/Community Health Hospital

  27. 3                        NRSG 403                              Nursing Administration and Management

  28. 5                           NRSG 407                               Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

  29. 3                              NRSG 409                            Teaching in Nursing

  30. 2                          NRSG 433                                 Senior’s Seminar (Nursing Capstone)

  31. 2                           NRSG 435                                Nursing Care of the Ageing Client

  32. 3                               NRSG 437                            Simplified Diagnosis & Treatment

  33. 6                             NRSG 400                               Nursing Capstone Clinical Affiliation

  34. 3                         NRSG 422                                   Ready for Practice Workshop

  35. 6                         NRSG 499                                          Senior Research Project


Credit hours                        course code                      course title 

  1. 3                  BIOL 101                                      General Biology

  2. 3                  PHYS 105                                      General Physics for Health Sciences

  3. 3                  CHEM 102                                       General Chemistry

  4. 2                 PHSC 104                                      Public Health Nutrition

  5. 3                 PHSC 201                               Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology  

  6. 2                 PHSC 205                                      Introduction to Public Health   

  7. 2                 PHSC 202   Psychological Foundations of Health Behavior& Change Process  

  8.  2                PHSC 204                                       Principles of Epidemiology 

  9. 3                PHSC 208                                Principles of Health Promotion and Education 

  10. 3                STAT 202                                  Bio Statistics

  11. 2                PHSC 303                                 Family Health and Reproductive Health

  12. 2                PHSC 305                             Health Program Planning and Evaluation   

  13. 2                PHSC 307                                         School Health    

  14. 2                PHSC 309                                          Spiritual Health Care     

  15. 3                PHSC 313                                       Field Work Practicum I 

  16. 3               PHSC 314                                         Field Work Practicum II

  17. 3              PHSC 311                 Tropical and Communicable Diseases

  18. 3              PHSC 313                                  Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  19. 2              PHSC 302                         Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention

  20. 3              PHSC 304                                      Community Mental Health

  21. 3              PHSC 306                                        Research Methodology

  22. 2              PHSC 308                                     Occupational Health

  23. 2              PHSC 312                                        Seminar in Public Health

  24. 2              PHSC 316                                      International Health

  25. 4              PHSC 318            Environmental Health and Disaster Management

  26. 3               PHSC 300                                           SIWES/ Practicum

  27. 3               PHSC 401                                Health Systems Management

  28. 3               PHSC 403                       Public Health Training Methods

  29. 3               PHSC 405                    Contemporary Issues in Public Health

  30. 2              PHSC 433                                             Senior’s Seminar

  31. 3              PHSC  407                           Introduction to Biology of Infectious Disease

  32. 2               PHSC 413                                      Global Health Issues

  33. 2               PHSC 415                                 International Women Health

  34. 12             PHSC 402                                                  Internship

  35. 6               PHSC 499                                           Research Project