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Historical Development of Adventist University of West Africa


The emergence of the Adventist University of West Africa began with the Seventh-day Adventist Church quest for a tertiary institution in Liberia. Such would serve as one of the pillars of the call of the Church in the area of education. This vision was actualized on August 7, 2003 when the Liberian Government chattered the University. Subsequently, the University was incorporated by an act of the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia published on September 8, 2003 by the authority of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The University started physical existence at its temporary site on the facility of the Adventist High School, located on 120 Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia in August 2010. On February 21, 2011, AUWA commenced operations with a limited number of two-year associate degree programs, and thereafter enrolled 105 students in 2011, for which classes began on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.


The groundbreaking of the permanent site of the University at Advent Hill, Roberts Field Highway, Schiefflin Town, Margibi County (equidistant between the International Airport and Monrovia city) was held on March 27, 2012.  The University received its full degree Charter from the Liberian Government on March 18, 2013 for Bachelor’s degree programs in Theology, Education, Health Science and Business. The Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery granted AUWA license for the Nursing program from 2013. AUWA received candidacy status from the Adventist Accrediting Association on October 9, 2013 and regular status on October 4, 2017. The University is also a functional member of the Association of Liberian Universities (ALU). The University relocated to its permanent site at Advent Hill, Robert's field Highway, Schiefflin Township on March 23, 2015 with the first Administrative Committee meeting and first classroom activities.


The University relocated to its permanent site at Advent Hill, Robert's field Highway, Schiefflin Township, Margibi County on Monday, March 23, 2015 with the first Administrative Committee meeting and the first classroom activities. The Hall of Residence students and their Dean relocated Sunday, March 22, 2015.


In view of these achievements, enrollment jumped to 518 in 2014,718 in 2015(42%),837 at the beginning of September 2016, 1045 in July 2017, and presently 1,624 in May 2018 which represents 89% growth.


 AUWA held its first Baccalaureate and commencement convocation on June 17, 2015 producing 50 graduates in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Public Administration, Education Guidance & Counseling Psychology, Primary and Secondary Education, Nursing and Theology.  After this pioneer graduation, the University has held two successive commencement convocation on July 6, 2016 with a set of 66 graduates and July 20, 2017 with 100 graduates. The University has upgraded its services and maximized its efficiency by deploying full-fledge ICT in all its operations. Welcome to this refreshing and indelible educational experience in the land of hope and freedom.



Employment Categories at AUWA


Category One: Calls

Employment appointments may be extended to those who are already employees of any of the organizations of the Seventh – Day Adventist Church within or outside the country. It is equivalent to transfer of workers within the denomination (national and international). The individuals are called because their professional services are deemed essential to the development and growth of the University. Employees in this category are subject to Permanent Returns (PR) to their original source of call following established due process.


Category Two: Regular Employment full-time

These are employment appointments made by the University, following due process, for employees on a professional career path according to the laws of the University. All Faculty and Staff not above 50 (fifty) years at the time of employment and are baptized members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who plan to work at AUWA as a career under the Republic of Liberia National Social Security and Pension Schemes, and other benefit policies of the University.


Category Three: Contract Employment

a) Contract denominational: Appointment extended to persons who were already retired from government/private/church service etc. or those over 50 years, according to the laws of the University and the Liberian Decent Work Act 2015. Contract employment is renewable after one year in the first instance and two years thereafter.

b) Contract non-denominational Fixed Sum Contract: A contract employment based on lump sum payment per month without a fixed period, and without any benefits.

c) Fixed Term Contract: A contract employment based on a lump sum payment for a pre-determined period.

Category Four:     Part-time – appointment given to faculty to teach courses within one semester. It is renewed every semester.






All Hail AUWA, a citadel of learning,

We stand for excellence, integrity and truth,

A home of unity in diversity

Selfless service to God and man

Keeping the vision aflame


All Hail ! (Auwa)

All Hall ! (Auwa)


Oh may your fame ascend

Our labors here shall not be in vain

Upholding standard, setting pace

A World class center of excellence

Departing thus to serve the world

Raising the banner high

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