Student Services Department


Mrs. Faith O. Sivili

Director, Students Services

You are highly welcome to the Adventist University of West Africa (AUWA) Students Services Window. We are happy to let you know that AUWA is a unique and beautiful institution of higher learning where you or your loved ones can achieve the academic dreams you so much desire. AUWA is a unique place where you or your loved ones will learn and experience a Christian lifestyle that will prepare you for the life here and the life hereafter.

We anticipate that all of our students can  graduate with the best citizenship grade records. The Bible says, “If you listen to this command of the LORD your GOD that I am giving you today, and if you carefully obey them, the LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you will always be on top and never at the bottom. (Deut. 28:13)”.

We request that you choose AUWA a home away from home.





  1. CAMPUS BEAUTIFICATION:  Dirt must be dropped into waste bins at allocated designations within the campus. Indiscriminate dumping, dropping or throwing of dirt is strictly prohibited. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. No crossing of lawns. No parking on lawns.

  2. LANGUAGE: Abusive language, bullying, fighting is prohibited on and off campus. Act(s) of insubordination directed at any employee of the University shall not be condoned.


  1. DRESSING: AUWA is a faith-based institution that is keen on teaching right principles. Dresses and dressing must be neat, modest and decent at all times on and off campus.

  • Skirts, trousers, jeans, must be below knee level. Tight, bare, saggy, shredded, faded, bleached, mixed colored, etc. or transparent/sleeveless dresses that exposes intimate body parts are STRICTLY unacceptable.

  • Shorts of any description are not permitted to be worn to lectures, worship, library, cafeteria or any formal University gatherings.

  • Unnatural or artificial hairdo should match with the natural hair color.

  • All make ups must be moderate. No painting of nails.

  • Wearing of clothes with unwholesome inscriptions is not allowed.

  • Jewelries such as bracelets, ear-rings, necklaces, rings (except wedding rings) etc. are not allowed.

Dress Code for Nursing Students

  • Nursing students are encouraged to dress in their uniform at their clinical site, laboratory sections and when necessary.

  • Females are to use approved Uniform set which includes dress, apron, nurses’ cap, black shoes, nurses watch.

  • Males approved uniform set include white shirts, navy blue trousers, black shoes, badge, and nurses’ watch.

  • IDENTIFICATION CARD: Student identification card MUST be worn at all times in classrooms, worship seminars and general assemblies.

  1. GRADUATING STUDENTS DRESS: Until the very last day of graduation, graduating students are still part of Adventist University of West Africa studentship.

Therefore, every graduating student is bound to conform to the dress standard of Adventist University of West Africa as contained in this student Handbook.

  • : the above includes participation in Senior Class Banquette, Graduation ceremonies etc.

  1. ALUMNI MEMBERS: Alumni members are expected to respect their Alma Mata’s cultures and standard on campus. While on campus or visiting the campus, ex-students should be decently dressed reflecting the values of dress training received.


  1. ALCOHOL: Production, sale and consumption of any form of alcoholic beverage is STRICTLY prohibited and bound off and on campus. Any student or employee found engaging in alcoholism, smoking or use of other performance enhancing drugs shall be suspended/expelled.

  2. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Students are to PAY their fees and maintain a zero balance at all times. The University is not responsible for students’ personal money and therefore suggests that students deposit their money with the nearby banks or other places of safety. The University is not responsible for any criminal act, unpaid debts incurred for living expenses, etc. by a student, spouse or children within or without the campus.



You will be required to adhere to the University’s uniqueness and essential principles for amicable and productive stay on campus.  

By virtue of being a student of Adventist University of West Africa, I am taking a decision to be guided by the following principles:

  1. To adhere to all rules and regulation as spelled out in the handbook.

  2. To respect authorities and all university workers.

  3. To abide by class rules mentioned in the course outlines: (a) disturbing, (b) cheating, (c) bullying, etc.

  4. To  maintain high moral standard and treat others with respect and value

  5. To participate actively in all University programs like Chapel Seminars, Week of Spiritual Emphasis and other required programs.

  6. To dress modestly and decently always.

  7. All persons are urged to observe campus care in preserving its beauty and respect its property. Everyone is expected to help keep it scrupulously clean. 



As a student, I understand that AUWA is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian institution of higher learning and I voluntarily wish to attend and abide by its principles and reverence its doctrines as required.



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