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It is with utmost delight that I welcome you to the Adventist University of West Africa School of Graduate & Professional Studies (AUWASGPS), the first and distinctive Seventh-Day Adventist Graduate and Professional Studies institution in Liberia. I am also privileged to congratulate you for trusting and joining this noble institution that is well known for providing value-based education geared at developing men and women holistically.

The School of Graduate & Professional Studies has its roots in the Adventist University of West Africa has been in operation for over ten years now in Liberia and has graduated hundreds of men and women who are impacting Liberia and the world in meaningful ways. It is fully owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and registered fully under the laws of Liberia to operate as a private entity.

Your sojourn through this Adventist University of Higher Learning will be one of great prospects and will guarantee a beautiful and successful impactful learning and life experience. Your familiarity with the academic guiding policies for admission, types of semester modes and modules, class attendance, examinations, tuition, and completion so studies, amongst others will enable you to partake of this experience meaningfully. It will be of the greatest advantage and essence that you study and comprehend the contents of this bulletin.

Finally, our homage to God through acts of humble and truthful service to man is a strong pillar of this school, and as such, neglecting or failing in the pursuit of academic gains in never an option. Your decision to study at AUWA SGPS will yield earthly and heavenly rewards. Welcome, and Congratulations once again!

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