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This is the official general body for expression and development of leadership principles. The association is governed by a constitution, elected officers (which consist of an executive council and senators who are representing different constituencies of students), an advisor and co-advisor. The association is sponsored by members of council, patrons and a Patron-General for the growth and development of the association.  Copies of AUWASA constitution can be found at the school library.



Students are encouraged to join clubs and associations approved on campus for a throughput self-development. Such clubs include but not limited to: academic associations (departmental clubs), social groups either by nationality, ethnicity or county of origin etc. 



a. Procedures for Organizing/Registering Associations

Students desirous of starting a new Association should make a written request to the Vice President Student services through Adventist University of West Africa Student Association Sports and Socials Director.

The request should contain the following;

  1. Aims, Mission and Vision objectives

  2. Tentative meeting schedule

  3. Dues, if any and budget

  4. Requirements for membership

  5. Proposed constitution.

  6. Names of interim student coordinators.

  7. Appointment letters to Sponsor and Co-Sponsor (Lecturers) and evidence of acceptance.

  8. Membership list of at least 25 (including course of study, level, Matric numbers, signatures, etc.)

A student qualifies for membership in the proposed association based on the following: 

  1. Must have spent not less than a full academic session in the University.

  2. Must not have been subjected to disciplinary action or any form of probation.

The Association would be placed on probation for a semester before it could be given final approval by the office of Vice President Student Services.

Unauthorized clubs/Associations are banned and members are also banned from joining any other group for one academic session.

b. Posting of Notices

Student Associations are permitted to post for general campus display only those notices which bear the signature of their appropriate sponsor/official and the stamp approval of the Vice President Student Services

c. Dissolution of Associations

Associations may be dissolved by a two-third majority vote of the present group members.  The request to dissolve an Association must be channeled through the sponsor to the Vice President Student Services.  All actions of dissolution must be approved by the sponsor of the association.


Social, cultural programs and/or the academic association week activities must first be screened and approved by the office of the Vice President student Services at least two weeks before the proposed presentation.

  • Social activities which recreate the mind are allowed while those that might arouse lust are not permitted.

  • The office of the Students Services shall monitor the social activities of the University.  These activities include lectures, musical programs, club meetings, class meetings, student association programs, cultural nights, field trips, outings, and sports. 

  • Opportunity is also given frequently for students to plan and execute some social programs for themselves e.g. birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  • Association or clubs who in deceptive ways organize programs which encourage the spreading of secularism in dressing, music and performance and other similar secular practices and activities will be dissolved. 

Note:  All proposed off campus social activities by students of Adventist University of West Africa are to be submitted in writing for approval by the Vice President Student Services at least two weeks before leaving. The request shall include the following information:

  1. Destination/Venue of the program, the time of departure from the campus and the time of returning.

  2. The program chairperson(s)

  3. The method of transportation (vehicle and the name of the owner) and mandate (comprehensive list) of       all occupants.

  4. Signatures of the sponsor and any other official of the association

A copy of the approved request should be returned to the signatories before leaving.                       

Academic and Department Club Trips and Excursions

 All requests for academic (field) and departmental trips should pass through the Dean of College who facilitates the process at least two weeks before the proposed date of departure to the Dean, Vice President Student services for approval.    


General Guidelines for Excursion:

  1. Only students in a particular academic program are normally allowed to participate in excursions involving that program of study. Thus, a Biology major for instance, may not be allowed to go for an excursion of the Business Administration college/department, unless where there is an official permission.

  2. All excursions should be relevant to programs of study at different levels except in the case of General Education courses.

  3. Any request without the Sponsor’s approval and physical appearance at the point of approval renders the request invalid.

  4.  An association or a Club is permitted to go on an approved excursion only once in an academic school year.

  5. Participants in an excursion before take-off should be duly informed that any misbehavior on the part of the student during the excursion will attract disciplinary action on arrival on campus.

Hired vehicles with professional drivers and current driver’s license should be used for all excursions and must be inspected by Security Department. Students’ private vehicles or vehicles of their parents and guardians must not be used for excursions.

  1. If an academic club or cultural group plans to invite dignitaries or experts in public and private enterprises, or church leaders, the University administration through the Vice President, Student services and/or the Senior Vice President for Academics must be duly notified in writing at the planning stage .This forms part of the requirements for approval.

  2. If an academic club or cultural Club plans to invite a guest artiste, an official written approval must be obtained from the Vice President for Student Services.

  3. All excursions/academic field trips outside the country must be approved by the Administrative Committee (ADCOM) or the President of the university as the case may be. The Association/group intending to embark on outside trip abroad must write through the College Dean to the Vice President Student Services, who will consult with the President for onward endorsement by the ADCOM. The office of student affairs will screen the details of the trip in accordance to its due process format. The purpose is to fine tune properly such areas that would promote the trip contingent as good ambassador of the University.

Before Departure

  1. At least 48 hours before final departure, the Club/Association’s Sponsor and President should ensure that the approved Request papers for the trip are submitted to the college Dean, and copies sent to the Senior Vice President for Academics and Vice President Student Services

  2. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor/Co-Sponsor (who should accompany the team as the Contingent leader) to give adequate orientation concerning the code of conduct, dress code, etiquette and disciplinary instruction to the club/association members before leaving. The accompanying officials should work together to ensure that students comply with the rules and regulations as worthy ambassadors of AUWA.

  3. Relevant excerpts and stipulations from the Students Handbook should be read to the participating students.

  1.  Chaperonage:  

For a mixed group get-together, tours and other activities such as hikes, picnics, riding off the campus, excursions, lectures and concerts, a chaperon should be secured for the group before the request is presented for the activities. Chaperons are to be approved by the office of the Vice President for student services.  Chaperons are expected to handle emergencies, deal with irregularities and return the group at the hour planned.

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