Department of Institution Effectiveness


Welcome! This is the official page of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE), Adventist University of West Africa! Our mission is to promote and support informed decision-making and continuous quality enhancement at Adventist University of West Africa (AUWA).

We accomplish our purpose by strongly promoting exemplary Christian leadership through education and continuous improvement of programs and services. In an environment demanding increased accountability and responsiveness and with the assistance of various constituting departments of the division, IE accomplishes the following:

  1. Direct and support ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation.

  2. Provide qualitative and quantitative information through accessing, collecting and analyzing data.

  3. Serve as campus liaison for accreditation purposes.

  4. Improve academic program planning, institutional and program assessments.

  5. Ensure compliance with AUWA’s philosophy, mission, vision, and core values.

  6. Monitor the implementation of AUWA’s strategic plan.

  7. Coordinate all division/school/departmental/unit institutional effectiveness liaisons.

  8. Direct the information and data integration of the institution and its colleges/departments/units including all information technology functions of AUWA.

  9. Organize/coordinate/conduct empowerment programs such as:

    1. Academic Colloquia

    2. Orientation programs at various levels

    3. Local/International Research Conference

    4. Workshops

  10. Spearhead the publication of AUWA Journal and other IE related books.



The Office of Institution Effectiveness is comprised of the following departments:

  1. Department of Research & Collaboration

  2. Department of Monitoring & Evaluation

  3. Department of ICT

The I.E through the department of Research & Collaboration:

  1. Organize research planning

  2. Coordinate the publication of Institutional Research/Reports

  3.  Ensure that high standard of research ethos is maintained

The I.E through the department of Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E):

  1. Maintain high standards of quality/excellence here at the Adventist University of West Africa.

  2. Carry out evaluation activities (teacher’s evaluation, staff evaluation, internal institution assessment, 

  3. Follow-up on classroom monitoring (teacher’s attendance)

  4. Monitor the academic calendar.

  5. Supervise all quality assurance and control units.

The I.E through the department of Information & Communication Technology (ICT):

  1. Maintain and troubleshoot all network and computer related issues.

  2. Integrate security, physical control solutions for all confidential data and systems.

  3. Monitor performance and manage parameters to provide fast responses to front-end users.

  4. Oversee the functionality of icampus and moodle (online learning platform), and as well provide sufficient support to students in its usage.

  5. Review all computerized and manual system; information processing equipment and software for acquisition, storage and retrieval; and definition of the strategic direction of all information processing and communication systems and operations.