How to Apply  ?

    Office of Admissions and Records


  1. Obtain the Application Package from the Adventist  university of West Africa for US$25.00 which include Information Sheet, Entrance Fees and Admission Application Form.

  2. Obtain, fill and submit the Entrance Application Form on or before the entrance date. Request for the Entrance Application Form @ admission@auwa.edu.lr

  3. Sit for the entrance examination on campus or do it online using Google form. Request for the entrance examination link if you wish to do it online @ admission@auwa.edu.lr

  4. Pass the entrance examination administered by the University

  5. Obtain, fill, and submit the Admission Application Form from the Office of Admissions and Records on the day of interview. Request for the Admission Application form @ admission@auwa.edu.lr

  6. Sit an interview on the date specified on the entrance examination result.

  7. Bring the Following documents on the interview date:

  1. WAEC/WASSCE   certificate (photocopy)

  2. High School Diploma (photocopy)

  3. High School Transcript (original)

  4. Letter of Recommendation from High School (original)

  5. Letter of Recommendation from clergyman or community leader (original)

  6. Medical certificate from SDA Cooper Hospital (original)

  7. Birth certificate or passport (photocopy)

  8. Two passport size pictures

  9. One hanging folder

  10. Marriage certificate if married (photocopy)

  1. High school graduates with Division “I” in WAEC or “A” in WASSCE will be exempted from sitting the Entrance examination but must procure the admission application form and sit an interview.


Admission Package (Application form, Entrance & Admission Form): 25.00 USD

Bank: United Bank of Africa (UBA)

Account Name/Title: Adventist University of West Africa

Account Number: 53020550002576